Welcome to My Tent!

I’ve curated many fine things for you, from all around the world (and my local Savers…) Please enter and look around, I’m here to answer any questions you have (mostly about why it’s all so expensive.)

What our customers say… (these are all lies)

Eclectic finds, ethical delights

“Wow, what an experience! If you’re looking to pay top dollar for what I’m sure is totally authentic ‘antique’ furniture that looks suspiciously like last year’s IKEA catalog, this place is a must-visit!”

~ Nina K.

Five Stars!

“Truly a gem of a store! If you ever wondered what it feels like to be swindled in broad daylight with a smile, this antique dealer will not disappoint.”

~ Liam M.

an absolute travesty

“An exquisite collection of ‘antiques’ that seem to be aging in reverse! A paradise for anyone who loves overpaying for yesterday’s yard sale finds.”

~ Ava L.

definitely don’t follow us.